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Venue information

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SAE Institute London - Venue information



Upon arrival please report to reception to collect your badge and an access card. This card is needed to open doors. Please return the card at reception when leaving.

The sessions are taking place in classrooms 1-4 (5th floor) and 5-8 (6th floor). Please use the lift or stairs to get up there.

We also have a lounge on the 4th floor ('Chillibeers') for chilling out. Espresso, Cappuccino etc, as well as toasted italian paninis, sandwiches and most likely pasta are on sale here.


Fire & emergencies

If you discover a fire operate one of the red fire alarm buttons, if in reach.

In the event of a fire or the fire alarm sounding, make your way immediately to the closest fire exit. SAE London has 4 fire exits:

  • The main entrance
  • Fire exit 4th floor -> walkway -> staircase down
  • Fire exit 5th floor -> walkway -> staircase down
  • Fire exit 6th floor -> walkway -> staircase down

After exiting please assmble in front of 301 Kingsland Road (to the right when facing SAE)

Do not use the lift in case of a fire or the fire alarm sounding.



Smoking, drinking etc

The entire building is non-smoking. You can smoke outside the building. Please make sure waste is disposed of appropriately in bins. 

Coffee, soft drinks etc can be consumed in the lounge and at reception. Please do not take drinks inside the classrooms.


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