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Sponsor MediaCampLondon!


Sponsoring MediaCamp helps make the event much better. We offer:


  • Great mindshare
  • Sponsor logos on this wiki and other MediaCampLondon collateral, such as Social Media Mafia newsletters, Facebook page, Linkedin Group, Twitter.
  • Great search engine benefits and link love
  • Prominent placement in the podcast/vlogs facebook group for sponsors > UK £200
  • A table at the event Floor for sponsors and the above > UK £250
  • Large sponsors are also sought, this will leverage cash for things like a time-limited drinks bar, or printed t-shirts etc.
  • Lesser amounts (any amount) are accepted and will guarantee banner placement on this wiki and Facebook coverage.
  • For info regarding sponsoring contact Chris on chambly AT gmail.com
  • Payments gladly accepted through paypal, send to: audana@gmail.com


Media Partners


If you represent the media and wish to be a partner and have some link love in all our comms channel (we have about 1000 active members as of Oct 2008) and recognition for taking an interest in the buzz, drop an email with your pitch and circulation statistics and demographic information to audana@gmail.com.


Guardian Jobs: MediaCamps - filling the skills gap


Who is Sponsoring - be seen here




Audana.com - web development consultancy




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