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Register for MediaCampLondon!



Registration is easy log in with these details:

email/username: wikiaccess

password: frog8banana


Once logged in just click Edit and add your name to the end of the list.






Please also indicate how you can help - organizer, volunteer, present, sponsor, etc, if you want to run a session please add yourself on the sessions page.


Please reach out to people you know in your communities and let them know about MediaCampLondon!


Registrants, press return after each entry to generate the next number please include your email in the format of the first example. Excluding your email will mean you are deleted from the list, we need to confirm each entry to ensure people who sign up are in fact attending.


  1. Chris Hambly - Lead organizer, presenter, sponsor. chambly AT Gmail DOT com (twitter)
  2. Josie Fraser - presenter, facilitator, makes good tea. josie AT josiefraser DOT com
  3. Adi Ben-Nesher - web2.0 , collaboration and learning consultant - Accenture. adi DOT Ben-Nesher AT Accenture DOT com
  4. Terry Duffelen - The Onion Bag - terryduffelen AT gmail DOT com
  5. James Norris Socail Media Strategist at Nitro Mobile
  6. William Morland - computing student, blogger - william DOT morland AT gmail DOT com (twitter)
  7. David Knell - applying web 2.0 to telephony 1.0 - dave AT 3c DOT co DOT uk (twitter)
  8. Lee Branch - Commercial Director, TheFridayPint.com. Interested in everything ad-funded. lee AT thefridaypint DOT com (twitter)
  9. Annie Mole - blogger, London Underground Tube Diary - themole AT goingunderground DOT net (twitter)
  10. Sandrine Plasseraud - Account Director at We Are Social and blogger at Buzz Attitude - twitter
  11. Jason Jarrett - web 2.0, social media consultant, trainer and creator of A Buddhist Podcast, jason AT thejarretts.com - twitter
  12. Tim Hoang - Social media planner, Porter Novelli - twitter
  13. Mat Morrison - Global digital director, Porter Novelli - twitter
  14. Natasha Gomer - Senior social media planner, Porter Novelli - twitter
  15. Nathan McDonald - Founding Partner, We Are Social - twitter
  16. Jed Baxter - Social observer. Internal Comms in IT. (twitter) Jedbaxter AT Gmail DOT com
  17. Huey Nhan - Production Director, Digital Outlook
  18. Jaz Cummins - Social Media/Online PR at Shiny Red and blogger at Jazamatazz jaz_cummins AT hotmail DOT com
  19. Paul Borge - Head of Digital, Consolidated PR - twitter
  20. Dom Whitehurst
  21. Lewis Webb - Social Media/Online PR at Shiny Red and blogger at social probiotic lewis DOT webb AT gmail DOT com - twitter
  22. Ben Matthews - Programme Executive at Hotwire PR, Founder of Bright One, blogs at Pudding Relations, ben AT brightone DOT org DOT uk - twitter
  23. Willem van der Horst - Digital Strategist at iris Digital and blogger at Ice Cream for everyone!! - willem_vdh AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk
  24. Jo Jordan - entrepreneurial work psychologist into social media for nimble, agile, flourishing organizations twitter, xing, linkedin, ning, blog
  25. Luis Carranza- Digital Strategist at iris Digital and blogger at adcentered - adcentered AT yahoo DOT com
  26. Simon Bennett - Director at Socially Responsible Video Game Developers Roll7
  27. John Ribbins - Senior Developer at Socially Responsible Video Game Developers Roll7
  28. Jess Elvidge - Internal comms in Higher Education. jesselvidge AT gmail DOT com - twitter
  29. Terence Eden. terence.eden AT Gmail DOT com (twitter)
  30. Jason Mical - Blogger, writer, content creator, Digital Strategist at Edelman Digital. jmical AT gmail DOT com - twitter
  31. Johnella Marius - Future Web Designer Extraordinaire Darksensations AT hotmail DOT com - twitter
  32. Vicky Stringer - IT student and blogger. rosevibe AT gmail DOT com - twitter
  33. Joshua Davidson - Digital artist / Digital comms professional at FH - twitter
  34. Gemma Griffiths - Client Manager at Racepoint - twitter
  35. Ross Tweedie - Web-developer at Mobas - twitter
  36. JofArnold - Techie, entrepreneur, connector, full-time networker ;)
  37. Matt Collins - Founder, Localmouth - twitter
  38. Caron (CJ) Lyon - Owner PCM creative media - Web creative, Internet adventurer and Virtual Explorer - twitter - timekeeper!
  39. Jed Hallam - Senior Social Media/PR Executive, Wolfstar - jedhallam[at]gmail[.]com - Twitter
  40. Brendan Cooper - blogger and member of Fleishman-Hillard Digital team - blog, twitter
  41. Eran Ben Sabat - Cat lover, stuff writer and WAA member. Tweet or blog AT iudaea.com - Sorry, ill in bed.
  42. Sarah Blow - Social Media Girl Geek & Software Engineer... Tweeter
  43. Steve Lamb - PR Geek & Tuttler
  44. Pete Wailes - MD Searchlight Digital, marketing guru and conference speaker - twitter
  45. Dan Thornton - Community Marketing Manager - Bauer Media. TheWayoftheWeb blog, 140char blog, Twitter
  46. Michael Kashioulis - Founder of Grand Parties - michael AT grandparties DOT co DOT uk
  47. Jay Cousins, Social Systems Designer - Twitter
  48. Sylwia Presley, 1000heads Ethicist, blogger, Twitter addict and social media enthusiast
  49. Colin Mercer - 1000heads relationships manager, blogger and unfortunate Twitter addict - colin[at]colinmercer[.]co DOT uk / colinmercer85[at]gmail.com
  50. Laurence Borel - Social Media Strategist at 1000heads, blogger and Twitter addict - laurence[dot]borel[at]gmail[dot]com
  51. Michael Litman - Social Media Enthusiast, Blogger, Tuttler twitter, linkedin, blog email
  52. Siobhan Curtis - 1000heads account manager, tweeter - curtis[dot]siobhan[at]gmail[dot]com
  53. Anna Speddy - PRgeek, twitter - annaspeddy[at]bottlepr[dot]co[dot]uk
  54. Helen Keegan - Mobilist, blogger, Tuttler, Twitterer, female conference speaker on mobile marketing and media, organiser of Swedish Beers and co-organiser of Mobile Monday London events - helen[atremoveextrabits]beepmarketing[dot]com (probably there for the afternoon only)
  55. Judith Lewis - SEO-Chick | Search Director | deCabbit - Chocolate Lover  decabbit at googlemail dot com
  56. Rebecca Caroe-Business Development : Strategy : Marketing - Twitter.
  57. Eaon Pritchard  never get out of the boat   twitter
  58. Chris Dargiewicz- Guy with Ideas, Twitter, SOCIAL MEDIA FAN, Marketing/Business Advisor
  59. Sam Ismail - Agent of Awesomeness
  60. Graham Stewart - writer, blogger, co-founder of bpodr. graham AT bpodr DOT co DOT uk (twitter)
  61. Pauline Randall - SL Solution Provider, e-learning person, Managing Director virtual-e Ltd
  62. Sam Oakley - Head of online campaigning, Wolfstar. Follow me or read my blog!
  63. Joanne Jacobs - Client Director, Xenial Ltd. twitter / Blog
  64. Gerel Orgil - Social Media Executive @ Mantra PR, twitter / blog / email
  65. Philip Trippenbach - Freelance Journalist, games consultant
  66. Obinna Monye - Director, Ego Studios, volunteer. ocmonye AT msn DOT com
  67. Rachel Clarke - blog, twitter
  68. Ben Akin-Smith - Head of Strategy @ Enable Interactive. Digital nomad, Social Media Enthusiast, Photographer & Bon Viveur
  69. Desiree Banugo - digital marketer and social media fan - twitter
  70. Miranda McCarthy- Blogger at large
  71. Anthony McCarthy- Father of Blogger at large
  72. Asha Treacy - HR/Recruitment, atreacyzerotwo AT hotmail DOT com twitter
  73. Anne-Mette Jensen - Vexed Digital - annemette.jensen1 AT Gmail DOT com
  74. Pablo Rivero - Blogger and Postgraduate Student in International Political Communication @ Kingston University
  75. Kam Memarzia - CEO at PlayGen - Digital Games for The Greater Good  kam AT PlayGen DOT com 
  76. Kat Miller - Blog, Twitter katplasticsnow AT gmail DOT com
  77. Hamish Campbell - settining up a grassroots IPTV project http://visionon.tv
  78. Kai Turner - Head of Information Architecture, Agency.com - London, kaigani AT gmail DOT com, FriendFeed, Twitter
  79. Nik ( Loudmouthman ) Butler - Blogtologist, Opinioneer, Maker up of words, Considerer of Communications - Sussex . Blog and Twitter
  80. Benedict Steele - Director, HomeMade Digital / twitter
  81. Laura Dantonio - Senior Interaction Designer, MiloCreative.com - Twitter / email
  82. Simon Perry - Runs Digital-Lifestyles, helps with VentnorBlog, frequently ignores his blog and twitters increasingly.
  83. Ed Whyman - www.playgroundgames.org and www.whymandesign.com
  84. Benjamin Ellis - Strategist, speaker, herder and keeper of chickens - blog - jamin DOT ellis AT gmail DOT com
  85. Daniel Ross - Director of Influence, design and brand consultancy. dan AT influence-inspire DOT com
  86. Mia Ridge, Lead Web Dev, Science Museum, blogger - possibly/probably but not 100% can make it yet
  87. Duncan Malcolm, Commercial Director, EveryCity, Twitter
  88. James Norris, Strategist for Nitro Mobile, & Nitro Ventures Group - Twitter
  89. Robert Thomas, Composer / Director of Dizzy Banjo Music and Sound working in Video Games, Virtual Worlds, ARGs and AR. Linked in Twitter - dizzybanjo AT googlemail DOT com
  90. Nick Franklin, Community Manager @ True Knowledge - trueknowledge.com - quizbot.tk - Personal Twitter - True Knowledge Twitter
  91. Satoka Fujita, Ex-blogger @ MetrobloggingTokyo, gamer, satoka DOT f ATgmail DOT com , Twitter
  92. Jane Tandy (cahoots), - Twitter 
  93. Alex Gollner, Editor, ideas man, alex (a) alex4d dot com blog twitter 
  94. Michal Dzierza, Content editor, blogger, Twitter
  95. Lucy Mackins, Creative @ TKO Marketing, lucy DOT mackins AT tko DOT co DOT uk
  96. Anna Cartland, Media @ TKO, annabellecartland AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
  97. Utku Can, Mint Digital - Twitter
  98. Philip Wride - Games Industry Consultant for Elysium Gaming, Community Manager and Professional Gamer. Linked In - pwride AT elysiumgaming DOT com
  99. Hilary Perkins, blog, linkedin, hilary AT cowbite DOT org
  100. Wessel van Rensburg, zuluzulu.net
  101. Anjali Ramachandran One Size Fits One
  102. Mike Martin, Technologist SocialGO - Twitter
  103. Jason Nicholls (spidernix), Hot Dog Media Twitter
  104. Mauricio Reyes, Twitter blog
  105. Axel Gutschenreiter , www.solaris100.com
  106. Ann Witbrock, annwitbrock AT googlemail DOT com
  107. Paul Imre www.imre.co.uk  paul AT imre DOT co DOT uk - just  love these events 
  108. Tim Neumann, Learning Technologist, Researcher & Social Media Sceptic, edubility AT googlemail DOT com
  109. Jeff Easter feesta (at) gmail feesta.com
  110. Nick Sellen, Experimental Musician, Programmer, and SysAdmin (at everycity.co.uk)
  111. Alasdair Lumsden, Technologist
  112. Tim Gibbon, co-founder and editor, Social Media Portal (SMP)
  113. Shaun Sinclair, co-founder @ continuethestory.com
  114. Kevin Williams, co-founder / sub-editor, www.TheStingerReport.com, editor@thestingerreport.com
  115. Tarun Chandel, Blogger , Business Analyst and Photoblogger, tarunchandel AT gmail (twitter handle)
  116. Stewart Paske, Radio Production Student, SRA Regional Rep London/East Anglia, Former head of web for Smoke Radio (the UK's 2nd best student station) stewart dot paske at googlemail.com
  117. Frank Hellwig, publishing student, fhellwig AT digitas DOT com
  118. Le'Nise Brothers, Head of Interactive, Rocket, lenisebrothers.wordpress.com
  119. Mark Bennett, Editor of Black Ice Magazine, fictional persona blogger   blackice @ pavilion.co.uk
  120. Sofia Quintero, Mass Communications, linkedin
  121. Will Prestes, TV branding, brandthat.tv, twitter
  122. Yishay Mor, London Knowledge Lab, 'ter, linkedin
  123. Amanda Clark, Tweet Tweaker, thehedgewytch AT gmail DOT com
  124. Paul Massey - Twitter
  125. Janet Parkinson - Twitter
  126. Robert Day, student - Twitter, robertday@me.com
  127. Lewis King, Student -Twitter- lewisking (@) me.com
  128. Jack Moore, Video Podcaster - Twitter - JackMoore@Me.com
  129. Angelique Luff, student - Twitter 
  130. Kevin Steinhardt, arts student - 6xfour
  131. Paule Velu, PR Comms Manager/JAD paulevelu at gmail dot com
  132. James Eckhardt, Chartered Accountant
  133. Glen Richardson - Account Director, glen AT iq-development DOT com (twitter) - Isn't attending but will next time!
  134. Chris Leydon - Creative Director of Keyone Productions, Student, Podcaster, Mevio Assistant - chris AT chrisleydon DOT com - Twitter
  135. Charlotte Spencer - Student, Vlogger, - Twitter - charlottelspencer@gmail.com
  136. Olly Newport, Student - Twitter
  137. Andrew Pyper- Educational Technologist, University of Hertfordshire
  138. Toby Henderson - Software Developer - twitter.com/holytshirt
  139. Michael Greer - Entertainment and Consumer PR Consultant, michael AT greerpr DOT plus DOT com - LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/mgreer - Hope to make the afternoon sessions, workload permitting. 
  140. Adil Hameed, Business Dev Manager at ELLION Group (Angel Investors + Incubators). Tech interests: Knowledge Engineering, Semantic Web, Ontologies. - Twitter
  141. Tom Chapman, Social Media Strategist at Headstream.  Author of 'Social network marketing, engagement marketing and brands'. Blogger, Speaker and Twitter addict - tom AT clickexpo DOT co DOT uk
  142. Tom Bird - Digital Account Director - Helping to marry agencies and digital suppliers to digital budget holders. tbird at richmondevents DOT com
  143. Ruth Baker, Marketing Co-ordinator, NixonMcInnes, ruth AT nixonmcinnes DOT co DOT uk
  144. Tom Nixon, Director, NixonMcInnes, tom AT nixonmcinnes DOT co DOT uk
  145. Will McInnes, Managing Director, will AT nixonmcinnes DOT co DOT uk
  146. Dan M - biz consultant for 2.0 in the enterprise... Exploring emergent workflows leveraging social media... Twitter = @danwtmoon







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